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Pedro Pascal, Jenna Ortega & More Stars Answer Questions About Hollywood

Charles Melton, Natalie Portman, Colman Domingo, Greta Lee, Pedro Pascal, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Jodie Comer, Jenna Ortega, Lily Gladstone and Barry Keoghan are quite the star-studded group. For this year's Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, each actor was asked burning questions about working in Hollywood, which actors they get mistaken for and so much more. What genre of film did Jenna always want to try? Does Lily Gladstone remember her first audition? What is Barry Keoghan's favorite line from one of his characters?

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Released on 02/21/2024


I met Marty.

Yeah, I met Marty the other night.

I asked him how many more movies he thinks he's gonna make.

He said like, I think I have three more in me.


And then I was like, of yeah?

Here's my headshot.

What do you think?

My name is Greta Lee.

[upbeat music]

Have you ever been mistaken for another actor?

All the time.

Who? All the time.

Keira Knightley.

Ooh, that's a good one.

All the time, very flattering.

Meryl Streep.

[people laughing]

I was like, no, I'm not Meryl.

I'm not Meryl.

Well, Meryl's very transformative.

She could be you.


She could be me, but I could never be her.

[people laughing]

I feel like me and Betty Gilpin,

we always get mixed up with each other a lot.

I get Matt Damon a lot and Ben Affleck.

Someone mistook me Idris Elba once.

Oh, that's very good one.

I'm not mad at that.

It's a match, it's a match.

It's kind of crazy how much I get Matt Damon,

but that's pretty much it.

[people laughing]


Pedro, what movie of yours have you watched the most?

It's not a movie.

What is it?

It's an episode of television.

Which one?

What have you watched the most?

You sit back with popcorn in your underwear

and watch one of.

There's an episode.

[person laughing]

What, you are like, I'm so good in this.

There's an episode of The Mentalist.

Do you remember that show?

Yeah, I do, yeah.

And I have this scene with Robin Tunney,

who's a very, very good friend of mine.

And there's a piano score in the scene that's so good.

Right now, I'm trying so hard

not to watch Past Lives on the airplane.

'Cause I'm on the airplane so much

and I see so many people watching it

and I really wanna watch it, but that's so awkward.

Oh my God, do people ever watch it and look at you?

'Cause I have like my baseball cap on,

but I would like wanna see like, crying.

Like, that's so weird, right?

The horror movie that I did X,

I have a really big scream in that and people have sent me

that video countless times when I used to be on Twitter,

it was like a really big reaction video.

So I've seen that clip over a million times probably.

It's so weird.

What about you?

I don't watch myself.

Do we have to get better at that?

I don't know.

Part of it, I like the mystery of it,

because I'm becoming

the character, you know what I mean?


I've fallen into who the character is

and a part of me doesn't wanna watch myself

because I like the abandonment.

I like that departure to become that person.

I also find that usually the second

or third watch is the one

where I can actually watch the film

instead of like we were talking about,

you kind of pre-edit it in your head based upon the choices

that you made and what you think they're gonna use.

And then it's never what you think it is.

I've actually watched Zola the most.

Oh yeah.

Because I almost watch it because I'm like,

I can't believe what's actually happening.

I can't believe what you're doing.

I can't believe.

I've known him for a really,

really, really long time.

And Zola, one and the same.

What is a line of one of your characters

that you can't seem to forget?

You got some pretty big coconuts

pulling that stunt you pulled last night.

It's something like that, I'm kidding.

Something like that?

Wait, maybe let's do another option.

Oh, I think from May December, the one that,

That's just what grownups do is particularly cruel.

This one I remember, There goes that dream.

Oh that's such a great one.

It's heartbreaking.

It's such a good one.

It's so sad, it's so sad.

Being that holdovers was the last gig I did,

a line that she says, Mary Lamb, that stands out to me.

You can't even dream a hold dream can you?

And I just thought that was so profound

and yet simple.

I think sometimes we're afraid to dream.

What was one of your favorite lines at all?

Oh, easy.

Sweet birthday baby.

Which was, the line, the line, the line, the line.

Sweet birthday baby.

Yeah, that's the line.

Oh, I thought you did a movie called Sweet Birthday Baby.

No, that was for Russian Doll.

Oh, sweet birthday baby.

Yeah, this is great

because we're just revealing

how little of each other's work we've actually seen.

It's not about the work,

it's about the humane, the connection.

Oh my God.

What genre of film have you always

wanted to do but haven't done yet?

You're actually the perfect person to talk about this to.

I think I wanna get into like horror, but this is the thing.

I easily get scared of real life.


Is it scary to film scary movies?

No, but I feel like that actually

you would be phenomenal in it

because then to over and over take after take,

I feel like you might not get used to it.

It's not scary at all, it's demons walking around

drinking Starbucks and doing.

Okay, so it's the in between takes

that demystifies a bit.

Laughing, people accidentally spitting on each other.

It's a whole, you just kind of get used to it.

I really wanna do a musical, like really badly.

I really wanna do a musical.


Does it count if I say silent?

Nobody does silent movies anymore.

Memorable fan moment.

I think when I did Thor, Love and Thunder

and I saw little girls dressed up

as Lady Thor as the Mighty Thor.

It was very exciting.

I feel like there was some interesting ones

with Killing Eve because, I don't know,

Villanelle was, you know, psychopathic kind of killer.

So there was some often like odd requests

for people asking me to like strangle them for a photograph.

There was definitely an era of that, which I remember.

As a fan, meeting The Rock.



You met The Rock.

I met The Rock.

I just couldn't speak,

just kept looking up at him and I was like, oh shit.

I was like, sorry about this.

And he went, come here to me and took me in

and I hugged him, it was so nice.

[people laughing]

I've seen tattoos of myself, which was really,

really strange to see in person.

Or I've had the whole sign right here

and I'll get it tattooed and I botched it bad.

Like there was no coming back from that.

And it was Sharpie, so I felt like

it was smearing 'cause I tried to fix it.

It was super stressful, that was pretty memorable.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions

as it relates to giving a performance?


No. No.

I have superstitions,

but like more about like getting onto a plane.

My mom started one with me.


You have to wear new socks on a plane

and if you don't have new socks on,

you can have them also like in your suitcase or with you.

No, what I was taught growing up, just culturally,

whenever you have a significant experience,

a part of you will stay there.

Your spirit will hang out there.

So when you're leaving, you call yourself.

So you just, so I do take to doing that

if it's under my breath or whatever.

And if it's particularly a really hard scene,

I don't wanna let myself linger there.

I have to stay present with myself.

So when you're walking off or when I'm walking off set

or walking away from it just quick.

Lily, come on.

[person gasping]

That's so beautiful.

Yeah, it works.


Good old Blackfeet wisdom.

Do you remember your first audition?

Yes, I do.

It was for like a commercial.

What commercial?

I think Doritos.

Oh, what flavor?

Cool Ranch.


No, it was for regular Doritos,

but Cool Ranch is my favorite.

Did you get the job?


[upbeat music]

Sorry to bring it up.


Next question.

There was a cup that went around

with everybody's names written on a Popsicle stick.


And when the characters were read, it's like, okay,

now for this role you would pull your name.

And I remember when it came around to the lead role,

I was willing my name

to come outta that cup and sure enough it did.

Oh, that manifestation right there.

Yep, yep.

You know, I kind of miss that process, honestly.

It's a lot less pressure.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bring the Popsicle sticks back.

I don't remember what I did,

when I was in the fourth grade,

I was the state of New Mexico.

You were the State of New Mexico?

Yeah, basically my mother had to make a costume,

state of New Mexico, but I think it was literally

just the cut out of New Mexico.

And then I came out and I just said, New Mexico!

And then I sat down.

So I think that wasn't an audition,

but I think I got the role.

What advice would I have given myself a year ago?

I think like, be patient with yourself.

Make sure you sleep.

Did you have a hard time remembering to do that?

No, yeah.

I only started getting more than six hours

of sleep like three months ago.



Get as much sleep as you can.

Sleep more.


Charles from a year ago.

And the work that you're putting in, it matters

and people are gonna see it.

And the dreams that you've dreamed for yourself,

what you'll experience a year from now will surpass it.

So just enjoy it.

[upbeat music]