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Levin Report

After Thoroughly F**king Over America, Mitch McConnell Decides to Treat Himself to a Break

Never forget: McConnell could have rid us of Donald Trump, but simply chose not to.

Republicans Care So Much About Protecting IVF That They’re About to Block a Bill That Would Do Just That

They want to protect access to IVF about as much as they do abortion.

Why Michigan’s Protest Vote Could Change Joe Biden’s Calculus: “There Will Be Political Consequences”

Over 100,000 primary voters backed “uncommitted” in a staggering show of opposition to the president’s policies on Israel. “If your only argument for winning the presidency is ‘My guy is less evil than the other guy,’” says one Arab American business leader, “that’s a weak argument.”
Awards Insider!

Your Guide to the Nominated Documentaries

All about the five Oscar nominated documentarians and the impactful subject matter tackled in their films
Wife Guy

Ben Affleck Supports and Steals The Greatest Love Story Never Told 

J.Lo may be the star of This Is Me…Now, but her Prime documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, is all about her husband, Ben Affleck.
nobody ever wins a fight

The Behind-the-Scenes Brawling of Road House, Explained

A director boycott, a screenwriter lawsuit, and allegations about AI have already bruised the Prime Video remake, which is set to premiere at SXSW next week.
take it easy on me

Adele Won't Be Saying (Or Singing) “Hello” to Las Vegas Anytime Soon

The singer announced that five weeks of shows will be postponed as she goes on vocal rest. 

Prince Harry Will Appeal After Losing Legal Battle Over Taxpayer-Funded Police Protection in the UK

A spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex said he would appeal the ruling, adding that he was “not asking for preferential treatment, but for a fair and lawful application of RAVEC’s own rules.”