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Adele Won't Be Saying (Or Singing) “Hello” to Las Vegas Anytime Soon

The singer announced that five weeks of shows will be postponed as she goes on vocal rest. 
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If you were planning to see Adele perform her Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in coming weeks, then, to paraphrase the singer herself, never mind, you’ll have to find someone like her.

The 16-time Grammy winner announced via an Instagram post Tuesday that she is on vocal rest and needs to postpone the last five planned weekends of Weekends with Adele, her residency show.

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“I was sick at the end of the last leg and all the way through my break,” she wrote in the post. “I hadn't quite gotten the chance to get back to full health before shows resumed, and now I’m sick again and unfortunately it’s all taken a toll on my voice.”

Beginning this weekend, her two-show-a-week schedule has been put on hold due to doctor’s orders through the end of March, impacting 10 dates of the sold-out run, which will be rescheduled at some point.

"I love you, I’ll miss you like mad and I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” the singer wrote in her caption.

According to the Daily Mail, Adele alluded to feeling less than her best during her most recent show on Saturday.

“I'm sure you can hear it in my talking voice and my singing voice a little bit,” the singer reportedly said during the show. “Your girl was tired. I didn't sleep very well…And Ursula from the ocean has come from my chest tonight. I can't hit my headnotes properly. I didn't sleep very well and my chest is on fire.. I can tell I'm going to have a coffee in like 10 days, but I'm still here.”

Yes, she means Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. She does have an 11-year-old son, as a reminder.

Later in the show, she reportedly closed by thanking the crowd and saying, “I’m so glad you had a good time. I look crazy, I feel crazy… I’m going to go on voice rest.”

Adele previously postponed her residency altogether, saying in 2022 that the show wasn’t ready to open on its announced date.

“I tried my hardest and really thought I would be able to pull something together in time,” she said in an interview. “I regret that I kept going until that late in the day. It would have been a really half-arsed show, and I can’t do that. People will see straight through me up on the stage and know I didn’t want to be doing it. I’ve never done anything like that in my life and I’m not going to start now.”

This isn’t her first tango with vocal health issues, either: In 2011, she underwent surgery to treat a hemorrhaged vocal cord, and in 2017 had to cancel a show at London’s Wembley Stadium after she damaged her pipes.